It is Mason Family Counseling’s obligation and responsibility to the insurance companies that we are contracted with to collect all office fees for therapy visits at the time of service, which includes co-pays and deductibles.  If your insurance company has given you other payment information, we will need this in writing.

Hourly Counseling Rates: (all Sessions are 45 minutes)

Initial Sessions: $135
Individual Sessions: $95
Families/Couples/Marital  Sessions: $100
Psychological Testing/Interpretation: $150


Due at the beginning of each session
A $5 fee will be assessed if co-pay is not paid at the time of the visit

No Show/Late Cancellation* Fees:

1st Occurrence: $30
2nd Occurrence: $65
3rd Occurrence: $80

* Late is within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment

No Show/Late Cancel Medication Evaluation: $80

Late Payment Penalties:

2% of your balance per month.
Begins once your balance is >60 days old.

Denied Insurance Claims:

Due within 10 days of date on bill.

Other Fees:

Paperwork completed outside of session: $25 per 15 minutes
Written Report for any purpose: $125, including postage
Returned Checks: $25 per occurrence
Phone calls over 3 minutes: $25 per fifteen minutes

  •   Phone sessions may or may not be covered by your insurance

Court Appearance or Conferences with 3rd Parties: $80 per hour

  • Mileage will not be charged if under 50 miles and hourly billing will begin at the time the provider leaves the office
  • If mileage is charged it will be at the Federal reimbursement rate